Episode #9 – The Power Of Forgiveness Featuring Nicole Bonds

· Free Yourself By Forgiving Them ·

September 2, 2017 0 Comments

The Power Of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the most controversial and discussed topics in our generation. Whether it’s forgiving someone for murdering a loved one or a family member who has done you wrong. We must learn to forgive all people for everything. God has forgiven us and paid the ultimate debt to set us free. But yet we still find ourselves bound to people by not releasing forgiveness. Forgiving someone will ultimately free you and allow life to be lived to its full potential. Listen as my guest Nicole Bonds and I break down why Forgiveness is so important.




Why Is Forgiveness So Important?

• Forgiveness is the basis for salvation
• Not forgiving someone is like going to God with stained hands
• The scripture refers to us forgiving someone over and over again because God has forgiven us
• We need to walk in FORGIVENESS in order to RECEIVE forgiveness
• Holding forgiveness in your heart can ultimately affect your potential

How Can Unforgiveness Affect Your Potential?

• Holding unforgiveness will take a toll on you physically and emotionally
• Your momentum will be pulled from you which will affect your aspirations
• It will also take root and cause bitterness
• Pray for the person you need to forgive on a daily basis
• It causes you to harm people that are there for you
• It ruins your future because you’re stuck in your past
• God will not forgive you unless you forgive other people
• Take time out and get them out. Stop holding everything in.

How Can Internalizing Unforgiveness can lead to guilt?

• It causes you to feel guilty when it’s not your fault.
• Learn to forgive yourself first.
• Find someone to talk to. Mentor, Friend, ect.
• Read the word of God to find revelation
• We must cast away all the things we have done as well as the things other people have done to us
• It ruins the good times of your life because your mentally distracted
• You don’t want to die with unforgiveness in your heart
• Forgiving someone will free you up

How Can Someone Go To God For Forgiveness?

• Our (debt) sin has been paid for in full by Jesus Christ
• God looks at the heart of a man, not the outward appearance
• Stop whatever you’re doing and have an honest conversation with God
• Ask God for help and be transparent
• Pray that God will send the right people in your life
• God’s compassion never runs out
• No matter what people have told you. God will forgive you and give you a clean slate
• You must put pride aside and follow through with forgiving someone


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