Going To The Zoo

I love going to the zoo and seeing all the animals. Some of my favorites are lions, monkeys, giraffes, and bears. I found it fascinating petting and being around these wild animals. But there was one thing wrong. The zoo is not a suitable home for these type of animals. They belong in their natural habitat, the wildlife. Can you imagine being locked away and put on display for others to enjoy? It is definitely something to think about.


Lions At The Zoo

Lions are known as the kings of the jungle. They are the most ferocious animals to roam the wild. As a child, lions were one of my favorite animals. But I hated to see them at the zoo. Seeing the king of the jungle locked away was very depressing. As I looked into his eyes, I noticed the beast inside wasting away. Watching him pace back and forth was similar to visiting someone in prison. Something that was meant to be a king of the jungle had now been reduced to someone else’s entertainment.


Are You The Lion At The Zoo

Lions are animals that were meant to rule and conquer. It is insane to see something that was at the top of the food chain reduced to eating whenever someone chooses to feed them. Are you the lion I have been talking about? Living in your comfort zone can make you feel like the lion at the zoo. It is funny how most of us are stuck in a situation we were never intended to be in. You were not created to work a dead end job, be stuck in a bad relationship, or just exist. You were created to be more. It is your choice to live or exist.


Break Out Of The Cage

Do not allow your current situation to drain your ambition and drive for your dreams. Just like the lion, your passion and tenacity will fade away if kept away from your natural habitat. What is your purpose in life? Step out of your comfort zone and go after your dreams. The lion at the zoo does not have a choice to escape his cage but you do. You are can escape when you are ready. Are you ready to use your hidden gifts and talents to change the world? It is about time you stop living like the lion at the zoo and live like the lion that rules the jungle. Are you the lion at the zoo or the lion in the jungle? Choose one.